“PUTIN IS GOING TO ANNEX” — in human language, that means protect the population from extermination

Oleksiy Zhuravko, former Rada deputy

The yellow press is raving that “Putin is going to annex”. They care zero about people. They are apparently not human because they do not hate Russia. Donbas is a “land without people” to NATO and the US. As is Crimea or Kherson.

Americans, look this person in the eyes and tell him that he has no right to exist.

And yet he apparently had no right to exist. This person who wrote a call for his fellow Kherson citizens, was murdered by Ukrainian regime — killed in the Ukrainian bombing of Kherson hotel. The fascist media says “the traitor was neutralized”. What has he done, other than call for peace and distancing from the Russophobic junta regime? Why does this mean that the DISABLED person, without legs and a hand, has to be “neutralized”, so he cannot anymore do what? what was he doing, and what were other Khersonians doing, so it requires killing all these civilians to make them stop?

NATO won’t recognize the referendums of Eastern Ukraine?

Brendan Devenney:

“Does NATO believe that Ukraine’s indiscriminate bombing of “it’s own citizens” should convince them to stay in a state that obviously HATES them?

The only analogy that suits is that of a wife beater punching and terrorizing his wife in to staying, but without the fake promises that life will be better if she stops resisting.”

The same “argument” was made by Zionists to Palestinians. By resisting the military junta, human beings become disposable.

For the Western powers and many brainwashed ordinary Westerners Russia and anyone who does not agree to hate it are subhuman. So Donbas or Crimea are just “territories”. Russia “invaded” Ukraine, by interfering with a years-long extermination of civilians. In Donbas, there are millions of kids, born after 2014, who have been living under bombs ALL THEIR LIVES. For allegedly being “terrorists”, as Ukrainian government calls them.

Oleksiy Zhuravko, former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, an opposition activist, writes:


I appeal to all mass media, as well as users of social networks, I ask you in a humane way: spread this my appeal on the Internet. We need to save more minds and more lives. I am fighting for every person, together with you.

Dear fellow Khersonians, fellow countrymen!
Young people who still remain in our long-suffering region!
Every wrong step, trampling of history, distortion of facts, lies, mockery over history, humiliation, desecration of monuments, leaping on the graves of our fathers, grandfathers and great grandfathers — participants of the Great Patriotic War — leads to fatal consequences! As a rule, it often leads to wars, civil conflicts, civil strife, and dehumanization.
In 2014, the people of Ukraine were used in a dirty game. They plunged the country into chaos and carnage. In 2014, the Colaborants, the Anglo-Saxons and NATO, through their accomplices represented by Turchinov, treacherously ordered the murder of their own people, the inhabitants of Donbas. They carried out a large-scale special operation to brainwash the Ukrainian people using hybrid military methods, erasing memory and historical identity, turning the population into cannon fodder, against the kindred people of Russia.
I know what war is like firsthand, having experienced it firsthand while in Donbass. For eight years, the Ukrainian government, represented by Turchinov, Poroshenko, and Zelensky, killed children, the elderly, teachers, doctors, priests, miners, villagers, and destroyed the peaceful infrastructure of towns and districts. They turned it into a scorched field at the behest of NATO and the Anglo-Saxons, building cities of the dead and destroying cities of the living. Now they are destroying my small motherland — Kherson. Every day takes someone’s life, destroying civilian infrastructure.
I have repeatedly come under fire in Kherson. I have seen with my own eyes how the Russians do everything to prevent a humanitarian catastrophe. It is frightening to me, as someone who has seen with my own eyes the hell in Donbas and now in Kherson, when the Ukrainian regime and the punitive units of the AFU are killing what they think are their own citizens. And they are tearing it apart, turning Kherson, which they did not build, into ruins. It was built by Catherine the Great, Fyodor Ushakov, and other legendary historical figures. It was built by the Soviet Union, Soviet soldiers, veterans of the Great Patriotic War and just — a lot of hard-working people. The successor of the Soviet Union and that distant Catherine era is Mother Russia and her people.
Khersonians, we need to return to the historical given, that is, back to the family, to Russia, to the big great, multinational family. Only in this way will peace, memory, real centuries-old history come into our homes. Warmth will come back to our hearts, our souls. And most importantly, our humanity.
I want to tell you — Kherson will never return to this terrible, horrible Ukraine created during the last nine years by the flawed Anglo-Saxon world in the face of NATO, the European Union and accomplices of Bandera and Shukhevich. I am standing near the monument to Catherine the Great, and on my T-shirt it says “Kherson is Russia”. There will be no turning back now, victory will be ours!
There will be a referendum in the near future. I will cast my vote for historical justice. For honour, conscience, wisdom, for the fallen soldiers of the Great Patriotic War, for the heroes of 1941–1945. I will give my vote for the special operation, denazification, demilitarization and for every fallen modern soldier, officer, colonel, who liberated us from the brown plague of the XXI century. That’s my word. And in the box of the ballot paper there will be a birdie “I’m going back home to Russia” as a resident of my small homeland — Kherson. I want peace. Russia carries the peace, and we will have it.
People of Kherson! Let’s make the right choice! Let’s go together to the referendum!
No to fascism! No to Nazism!

With respect,
Alexey Zhuravko.
Former deputy of the Verkhovna Rada of Ukraine, an oppositionist.



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